Major Projects

[ Waste Management Projects ]

Solid Waste Management Plan for the Ayia Napa Marina (Cyprus) Regional Solid Waste Management Plan and Strategic Εnvironmental Αssessment for the Region of Crete (Greece) 8 Green Points / Transfer Stations Design & Permitting for the Municipality of Volvi (Greece)
Municipal Solid Waste Management Plans for various Municipalities
(Rethymno, Anogeia, Volvi, Delta, Amari, Milopotamos etc)
 Funding Applications (ESPA) for waste management facilities in various Municipalities
(Delta, Athens, N. Iraklio, Marousi etc)
 Solid Waste Management Plans for various Hotels
(Olympic Palace, Porto Angeli, Danae, Mulberry Suites, MilosBliss, Aeolian Village etc)



[ EU Co-funded Projects ]




GreenYourMove, is a Life Project, that aims at the development of a co-modal journey application to minimize GHG emission in Europe.


GreenYourMove takes into consideration all kinds of urban public transportation, where the user gets alternative routes combining more than one transport modes if necessary.

innovECO supports the development of the environmental aspects of the project.




The main objective of Greco-Risks project was to develop a Multi-Risk web-Platform integrating Risk Modules for nine specific hazards.


innovECO participated in the creation of the platform, developing the risk module for Industrial Accidents, in co-operation with ATESE SA.




The project objective was to develop a strategic approach for CO2 offsetting and carbon neutrality for the tourist accommodation industry which provides guidelines for the reduction of tourism contribution to climate change.


innovECO participated in the development of original CarbonTour, and still supports its further expansion (CarbonTour+ Tool).




[ Development of Environmental Tools ]


FindMyWay, is a web based platform which help individuals to plan their journeys by public transport, cars, taxis, walking and cycling.

innovECO is co-developing this platform in collaboration with UTH.


COMPETE model, is a web based model for the quantification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions produced by Heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) during container transport in ports.

Experts from innovECO participated in its development in co-operation with EKETA & NTUA. A relevant research paper can be found here.


CypAdapt MCA Tool, is a DSS that can assist the development of a national strategy for adaptation to climate change.

Experts from innovECO participated in its development in co-operation with NTUA & NOA.


AthensBiowaste Tool, is a web based model that can calculate the carbon footprint of the collection at source of biowaste and its separated treatment (quantification of environmental impacts based on life cycle analysis).

Experts from innovECO participated in its development in co-operation with UEST/NTUA. A relevant research paper can be found here.


FoodPrint Tool, is a DSS that can identify, quantify and implement measures to reduce, the carbon footprint (CF) of the pastry and flour food industry sector.

Experts from innovECO participated in the development of the Foodprint Tool in co-operation with UEST/NTUA and JOTIS SA, and continue to work on its database expansion.


Waste2Bio-MCA, is a multi-criteria analysis software tool that aims at the comparative evaluation of the alternative municipal bio-waste management methods, based on economic, environmental, technical and social criteria.

Experts from innovECO participated in its development in co-operation with UEST/NTUA.


Carbontour+, is an innovative software that estimates the overall energy use, as well as the CO2 equivalent emissions resulting from the various tourist accommodation activities, providing an accurate yet affordable energy audit.

innovECO developed further the original concept (based on Life project Carbon-Tour), and created a new powerful software with an expanted & continuously updated database.

More information can be found here.


LCAplus, is an LCA Databe developed by innovECO. The Database is continuously expanted & updated, based on data from real cases, as well as from scientific papers. LCAplus is fully supported by various Universities in Greece.

More information can be found here.


CollectOpt, is a web-based patform that helps waste collection companies to organise their services, minimizing the costs as well as their environmental footprint. innovECO developed this product in co-operation with UTH.

More information about its benefits as well as all subscription alternatives, can be found here.




[ Other Environmental Projects ]


MegOil, a subsidiary of the Mego Group Corporation, is a certified used oil collection company, operating mainly in Cyclades, Greece.

innovECO, optimised the collection system in order to minimise GHG emissions, providing environmental and financial benefits. Furthermore, provides consultation and annual external assistance & monitoring for the ISCC EU certification of the company.


innovECO, in cooperation with University of Verona, prepared the Carbon Footprint Report of the 2nd IWA EcoSTP Conference that held at Verona, Italy, between 23 and 25 June 2014.

You can download the report from the following link: EcoSTP2014 CFR (pdf)

 innovECO has prepared numerous studies for Environmental Permitting regarding:
Waste collection (megoil, Binoil, Factory Group etc),
Waste treatment facility (Municipality of Nestos, Factory Group),
Green points (Municipality of Volvi),
Cement factories (Finobeton & Alphabeton),
Construction & demolition waste recycling facility & landfill (Finobeton, Ergon Development),
Hotels construction & operation (Danae, Aeolian Village, Mulberry Suites, Mulberry Inn, MilosBliss, Grand Serai, Helios Amopi etc),
Photovoltaic power station (Factory Group), etc.
innovECO coordinated the financing process (Regional Operational Programme) of various sub-projects in the Municipality of Megalopolis (energy upgrade of various public buildings, pavement upgrade of roads, drinking water system expansion etc). innovECO has prepared an assessment regarding the stability and the performance of the improved petroleum wastewater treatment facility of HEC SA. innovECO provides consultation services to various hotels, regarding ISO certifications, Rating certification, Green Key label, Greek breakfast etc (Olympic Palace, Porto Angeli, Danae, Mulberries, MilosBliss, Aquamare, Delfinia Resorts, Athens Tiare etc)