Supporting Green Economy and Sustainable Organizations

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to achieve sustainability, offering innovative consulting services and cutting-edge tools.

What we do

Environmental Consultancy & Management

We provide environmental consultancy services & technical support for various projects including strategic planning, technical studies, impact assessments, environmental permitting, environmental due diligence etc.

Climate Change &
Carbon Consultancy

We offer sustainable solutions to climate change issues through carbon management. We also provide a range of tools to help businesses and stakeholders manage, monitor & offset their carbon footprint.

Certifications & Eco-labels

Our certified consultants have great experience in developing  quality and eco-management systems to obtain certifications, eco-labels as well as carbon neutral labels for businesses, products or services.

Research Projects

We have great experience in running & coordinating EU funded Research Projects (LIFE, H2020, Interreg etc), focusing on innovative environmental products & services.

Business Sustainability & Funding Consultancy

We provide tailored services regarding sustainable development as well as services relating to recognizing National & EU funding opportunities and prepare proposals & applications.

Software Development

We specialize in developing service-specific tailored models, databases, tools and software, providing custom solutions on a variety of environmental aspects and services.

Our environmental expertise covers a wide range of experience in the following areas:

Environmental Permitting

We offer complete solutions regarding environmental permitting & operating licensing for a wide range of businesses, industries and services. We also have extensive expertise conducting Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments.

Waste & Wastewater Management

We have great experience and expertise in Waste and Wastewater Management projects, providing consultancy and technical services including waste management plans, waste qualitative assessments, wastewater treatment & reuse assessments etc

Technical Studies for Energy Upgrade of Buildings

We have a wide range of experience, conducting technical studies for the Energy Upgrade of buildings. Our studies record the current energy situation, and provide interventions that need to be made in order to minimise operational energy demand in buildings by decreasing energy losses and maximising energy efficiency.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

We specialize in crafting Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that empower businesses to communicate their commitment to sustainability. Our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to develop EPDs tailored to your unique products and industry standards. From data collection to final certification, we ensure that your environmental impact is accurately measured and transparently communicated.

Carbon Management & Neutrality

We have extensive experience providing services and tools to businesses and stakeholders to measure, minimize, monitor and offset their carbon footprint. We also offer help to acquire carbon neutral labels and relevant certifications.

Life Cycle Management

We have a wide range of consulting experience in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA). Our consultancy team conducts the full range of LCA & LCCA studies, from screenings to large ISO compatible studies, for a variety of businesses, products and services.

Sustainability Assessments, Feasibility Studies & Funding Applications

We provide tailored services regarding business sustainable development, conducting sustainability assessments, feasibility studies for environmental projects (or side-projects), as well as preparing relevant proposals & applications for funding.

Environmental Campaigns & Seminars

We provide services regarding the design and implementation of Awareness-raising and dissemination campaigns focusing on environmental projects. We also organize training workshops and seminars on a wide range on environmental issues (methodologies, tools, labels etc).

Our Team

We are a strongly motivated team of highly-trained professionals with analytical and critical thinking skills, committed to provide in-depth environmental expertise, strategic guidance & training, supporting sustainable development.

We have the expertise in responding to a range of projects, offering tailor-made solutions that create added value to clients.

Our philosophy is based on 4 main pillars which are all equally important and represent our shared values:

Quality | Integrity | Passion | Innovation

 Memberships & Certifications

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Participation in Research Projects

Life Circ4Bio

Environmental permitting for a biowaste to bioethanol conversion innovative system

Interreg WINPOL

Development of an Action Plan to introduce intelligent systems and practices in Waste Management


Evaluation & minimization of the energy & carbon footprint in wineries

Interreg REPLACE

Analysis of Circular Economy good practises in the Region of Crete

Life Foodprint

Further development
of the Foodprint Tool
and expansion of its database

Life ReWeee

Life Cycle Assessment for two Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment sorting centers

Life GreenYourMove

Participation in the development of emissions calculation models for various transport modes


Environmental permitting for all HYDROUSA works & innovative systems

Life Food 4 Feed (F4F)

Life Cycle Assessment of
 a pilot facility that tranforms source separated food waste into animal feed

Life GreenYourRoute

Development of an extended database for emissions occurring from various modes during transport

MED Blue Islands

Analysis of the impact of tourism on Municipal Solid Waste generation and composition

Interreg BIOMA

Development of an innovative Biowaste Management Action Plan for Naxos Municipality


Participation in the development of CarbonTour Tool and its database

Greco – Risks

Risk assessment methodology for industrial establishments fall under SEVESO II

Find My Way

Participation in the development of an innovative journey planning platform


Participation in the development of a model for the quantification of emissions from HDVs

Other Major Projects

Development of Pay-As-You-Throw Systems in Municipalities of Nicosia and Limassol, Cyprus

Development of Local Emission Reduction Plans (ΔηΣΜΕ) for various Municipalities in Greece

Development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for various products in Greece

Environmental Compliance for a large Supermarket chain in Greece

Development of Biowaste Seperation at Source Systems in various Municipalities in Greece & Cyprus

Carbon Footprint Assessment for various organizations in Greece & UK

Environmental due diligence for a 100 MWp photovoltaic park in Central Macedonia, Greece

Sustainability pre assessment for a 1.500 m2 office building
in Athens, Greece

Environmental due diligence for a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Attica, Greece

Preliminary Study for the Kranidi Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Feasibility Study & Funding Application for the Green Waste Collected by S.P.A.Y.

Evaluation & Optimization of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Skiathos island

Municipal Solid Waste Management Plans for various Municipalities

Green Points / Transfer Stations Design Studies in various Municipalities

Development of a Collective System of Alternative Management for Demolition & Construction Waste

Preliminary Design & Environmental Permitting of a Biorefinery Pilot Plant

Environmental Monitoring of Water & Air Pollutants at Alimos Marina, Greece

Feasibility Study & Permitting for a Construction & Demolition Waste Management Facility

Development of an Online Carbon Calculator for Various Modes of Transport

Solid Waste Management Plan for the Loukkos Renaissance Development in Limassol, Cyprus

Waste Management Planning Process for Ports and Harbours in Greece

Biowaste Management Action Plan for the Municipality of Aradippou, Cyprus

Medical Waste Managements Planning for the Laboratory of Experimental Surgery in Athens, Greece

Preliminary Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Wastewater Systems in Coal Mining & Textile Industries

Funding Consultancy of Various Municipalites in the Peloponnese Region

Strategic Solid Waste & Wastewater Management Plans for the Region of Troodos, Cyprus

Solid Waste Management Plan for the Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus

Regional Solid Waste Management Plan & Strategic EIA for the Region of Crete, Greece

Our Products

EcoHotel, is a sustainability platform, developed by a consortium led by INNOVECO. EcoHotel, provides an easy to use yet sophisticated and scientifically proven tool for hotels and resorts to measure and manage their carbon footprint.


CarbonPlan is a platform that supports organizations to calculate and monitor their carbon footprint, in compliance with the Greek Climate Law. It also helps efficiently organize the collection and processing of necessary data on an annual basis.

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WastePlan, is a Waste Management Platform that helps waste collection authorities & companies to organize their data, optimize their services as well as calculate, manage and possibly offset their environmental footprint.

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tuCO2 is an easy to use application, that helps travellers to calculate and offset their carbon footprint, achieving Carbon Neutral travel! Furthermore, tuCO2 provides suggestions for low or carbon neutral hotels and transportation.


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